Our projects


Type of building: visitors’ facilities

Date: 2018-2019

Location: Abu Galoum protectorate, Blue hole diving site

Client: UNDP, ministry of Environmental affairs

Method used: Rammed earth technique and stones

DESCRIPTION:We have been awarded the full scope of designing and building the Visitors’ Facilities at the Blue Hole Diving Site.The project is a collaboration with UNDP and the ministry of environmental affairs. The main aim of the project is to plan, design & construct the visitors’ facilities at the Blue Hole Diving Site, as a part of strengthening protected area financing and management systems project in the Egyptian protectorates. The project is located in Abu Galoum protectorate, the blue hole. The facilities consist of public services like toilets, diving sheds and administration building and other facilities that will be built using local materials for the purpose of preserving the protectorate as an international diving site for its unique marine life.


Type of building: Community center

Date: 2016-2018

Location: Saint Catherine protectorate

Client: Catherine Exists initiative

Method used: Rammed earth technique and stones

DESCRIPTION: This project is in collaboration with “Catherine Exists” initiative to build a community center for the local Bedouin community in Wadi Gharba, Al-Tarfa village, located in Saint Catherine protectorate in Sinai Governorate, Egypt. We conducted a workshop for 20 students and graduates where they learned about earth construction, wadi Gharba community and learned about their needs and translated these needs in a design of a space, which will mainly serve the local community and will provide health and educational facilities for them and also will act as a venue to spread intercultural dialogue between the locals and the outsider community at the same time, will create awareness and will encourage the tourism in the area. The first phase of the project was realized in October 2018, where we opened the community clinic and it is currently serving the villagers through monthly medical convoys and it is considered the first rammed earth clinic in Egypt.


Type of building: residential & commercial space

Date: 2017-2018

Location: Cairo-Alexandria road

Client: “Kiwa” startup

Method used: Rammed earth technique

DESCRIPTION:Our client this time is a social enterprise named KIWA, they are working on promoting urban farming with new techniques. They believe in the value of using natural materials and it resembles their vision of their own work therefore using rammed earth for their headquarters made perfect sense. We designed and implemented their headquarters in Cairo-Alexandria road, where they will kick-off their activities.


Type of building: Community school Date: 2017-2018

Location: Behebet, Alayat, Giza Client: Man Ahyaha NGO

Method used: Rammed earth technique, vaulted roof

DESCRIPTION:In March 2017, we started a new collaboration with “Man Ahyaha” NGO to design and build an informal school for the local residents of Abu Ghaddan village, located in Al-Ayat, 60 km away from El-Giza, Egypt. 70% of the village’s population is residing in informal vulnerable districts. Abu Ghaddan village is one of the most neglected rural areas with high population, more than 1,000 individuals. The design of the school was done through a design competition, where teams of architects and professionals applied with their proposal and the winning proposal was from “Downtown architects” team. The school is currently operating and serving 300 kids. As a second phase of the project, we plan to include a multi-purpose unit that could be used as a space for conducting workshops, training or social gatherings, a clinic, a playground and a library accompanied to the school.


Type of building: Housing unit Date: 2015-2016

Client: Private property

Method used: Rammed earth technique and wooden ceiling

DESCRIPTION: In 2014, we implemented our pilot project; we re-built two houses for two families of eight members. We trained 27 engineering students and graduates and we gave them the opportunity to have a hands-on experience and to work on the design and the implementation of the project, closely with the local community. Our main partner in this project is PCP (Pinnacle Construction Projects)


DATE: 2016-2017

DESCRIPTION:In April 2017, we launched our first planting campaign “1001 initiative” The idea of the campaign is to promote for planting trees to decrease our carbon emissions and to raise awareness to the climate change issue. We partnered with “Shagarha” initiative and “Oasis Community Center” and we planted two kinds of trees to be placed in Oasis Community Center and the wood produced from the trees will be donated to NGOs to fabricate products and contribute in the development of unprivileged communities. The initiative is an ongoing initiative; we aim to include the planting concepts in all our projects.

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