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Our Team

Radwa Rostom | Founder and CEO 
Radwa Rostom is a civil engineer with eight years working experience. During her college years, Rostom was involved in several development and student activities, in Egypt and virtually. After she graduated, Rostom worked in several positions, as a structural engineer, project engineer in an environmental consulting firm, CSR specialist in a solar energy company and business development at WeForest organization. Rostom explored several fields such as energy efficiency, energy management systems and green buildings. Rostom also worked on consultancy assignments with international organizations such as the World Bank and UNIDO. Rostom was featured on the list of “The 100 most influential Young Arabs under 40 in 2015 & 2016”, created by Arabian Business magazine. In September 2015, Rostom was awarded the wining prize for the “Women for Resilient Cities” Competition, organized by the World Bank and she was granted three fellowships from “Echoing Green” organization, “Ashoka” organization and "The DO School"
Rostom is the founder and CEO at Hand Over.


Nour Gheriany | Digital Marketing and PR Executive 

Nour is gifted with a sharp mind and an innate ability to connect with others, she landed the position Digital Marketing and PR Executive at Hand Over. Nour attended different design workshops addressing Urban Design. She also took part in both the co-ordination and organization of several conferences addressing prospects and problems for urban areas. She kicked off her career as a Culture Co-ordinator and Social Media Marketeer at Megawra - Architectural Hub Initiative. There, Nour was pivotal in the boost of Megawra’s online page to 10K followers. She crafted a great plan that enriched Megawra’s brand and stepped-up the target audience’s interest. Nour was responsible for managing all the Megawra’s online platforms, including their websites which she took upon herself to update regularly. In January 2016, Nour took part in co-ordinating a promoting a project called “Spend the day in Khalifa” with the aim to revive internal tourism in Egypt. Nour graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Wales in 2013.


Yousra El-Nemr | Project Coordinator

Yousra is a graduate from Alexandria University, she studied civil engineering, majored in construction. El-Nemr has a passion for environmental practices in the construction sector; she is always researching for new ideas and techniques that could be implemented. El-Nemr is the project coordinator in Hand Over, she supports the ongoing projects, coordinate workshops with volunteers and works on the documentation of the projects. 

Abduallah Mekawi |  Site Engineer

Abduallah Mekawi, an architect, gradute of Modern academy, class 2017. Mekawi has always been passionate about Earth construction and alternative building techniques. He Joined Hand Over in the first pilot project as a volunteer, since then he has been working on several other projects, besides his studies. Mekawi is always eager to learn about new technologies, new skills and he is very dedicated to our vision and methodology. Mekawi participated in several architecture competitions and went to several workshops and training. One of his main roles also in Hand Over is supervising our working sites and the labors.  

Hisham Hafez | Research and Development Manager

Hisham Hafez is a construction engineer, he graduated top of his class from AUC in 2012 with a bachelors in construction engineering. Hafez continued his educational path afterwards and enrolled in a masters program in construction engineering at the AUC with a full scholarship. Meanwhile, Hafez was working as a full time PV power stations project manager at KarmSolar. Afterwards, he enrolled in another masters program in sustainable building materials and design at the university of Bath, UK. Hafez is the research and development manager in Hand Over. His main role involves researching and validating innovative and sustainable materials to be adapted in the construction projects, he monitors the work on site and guarantee the smooth progress of the projects. He also participates in the business development of the company. Besides researching and looking for innovative materials, Hafez is passionate about football and is a EFA certified coach.


Mai Hussien |  Lead Architect

Mai Hussien, an Egyptian Fine-Arts 2014 graduate who is passionate about community development and environmentally friendly design solutions. Her main concern is providing sustainable housing solutions and adequate public spaces to serve the community as well as marginalised minorities.
Mai is the lead architect in Hand Over, she manages the design process in all the projects, coordinates with the site management team and coordinate the volunteering events with the university students and graduates.

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