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Our Methodology

In any project we work in, we focus on three main pillars: 
1. Human Centered Design: This pillar focuses on the role and importance of the users and how the design should satisfy the users' needs. In order to achieve this, the users are involved in all the process from the very early stage of identifying the issue, prototyping and the implementation.  

2. Sustainability: Our main concern in any project we operate is to maintain the sustainability aspect, whether by adapting sustainable design techniques, using local materials, adapting passive design techniques and maintaining the sustainability of the place in terms of operation and maintenance. We hire local labors, we train and empower them so they can maintain the buillding and we teach them new skills so they could use them later as an additional source of income.

3. Education: We believe in knowledge sharing and knowledge transfer. In all our projects, we recruit university students and gradutes. They join our team as volunteers during the time span of the project. Throughtout this period, they attend sessions and interactive workshops in different fields, they conduct site visits and attend community meetings, they have a hands-on experience, where they get to implement the knowledge they learnt in a real project. They work closely with the local community to identify the issues and come up with the best solution. On the other hand, the local residents are also taught new techniques of construction, during the implementation of the project, and they get to share their own expertise in the local techniques that they are aware of, so it is a mutual sharing experince for our team and for the local community as well. 

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