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Abu Gaddan Community Hub Project

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April 2017 - 2017


 In April 2017, we launched our first international design competition. We collaborated with “Man Ahyaha” NGO to design and build an informal school for the local residents of Abu Ghaddan village, located in Al-Ayat, 60 km away from El-Giza, Egypt. 70% of the village’s population is residing in informal vulnerable districts. Abu Ghaddan village is one of the most neglected rural areas with high population, more than 1000 individuals. Attached to the school, we aim to include a multi-purpose unit that could be used in several activities such as workshops, training or social gatherings, a clinic, a playground and a library accompanied to the school. Through this project we aim to work on four aspects collaboratively: community inclusion, education, sustainable practices and healthcare. The project uses sustainability as the integrating context on a community center-wide level, seeking to education, ecology, health, and community. The project is the first of its type to take place in Abu Ghaddan village. It has direct beneficiaries, which counts for 1000 individuals with 4000 more from surrounding villages. It is expected that the project acts as a pilot to be replicated and developed on a wider scale. Our vision is to engage students, staff and the community in our quest to develop a sustainable environment that models and promotes exemplary practices in using environmental friendly local building materials, decreasing consumption of energy, water and wastes disposal, as well as broadening the awareness of the residents to live sustainably and at low costs. Through this project we aim to work on the community inclusion, education, sustainable practices and healthcare.


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