Hand Over

<h1><font color="ffcc00">WHAT WE DO</font></h1>
This sector addresses the part of the community and social development. We collaborate with social enterprises, local NGOs, universities and local community members to provoke education and empowerment of people within their communities. Our interventions mostly take place in unprivileged communities, informal settlements and neglected districts. We focus on providing housing solutions, community centers, informal schools, clinics and public spaces.&nbsp;&nbsp;
<h1><font color="#00BA6E">OUR WORK</font></h1>
<strong><font color="black">We aim to design and build sustainable buildings for all segments of the community. Our ultimate goal is to create a model that could be adapted, replicated and used for rehabilitation and upgrading of existing communities and in creating new sustainable communities.</font></strong>
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This sector addresses the part of the awareness and educational approach. We focus on serval tracks: 1;Trainings and comprehensive diplomas to university students, to have hands-on experience and participate&nbsp;in our ongoing projects.&nbsp;&nbsp;2; Community education to local labors, to teach them skills&nbsp; they could use&nbsp; later as a source of income.&nbsp;3;Raising awareness and education campaigns, to help expand our reach and educate our target groups about the cases that we adapt.
Hand Over
<font color="black">OUR VISION</font>
This sector addresses the construction and consultancy.&nbsp;we design and build sustainable buildings for any client by using locally sourced, cost-effective materials and by adapting passive design techniques in the design.
Hand Over is an award winning social enterprise that utilizes sustainable techniques of construction for the sake of community development.
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<h1><font color= #00BA6E>GET INVOLVED</font></h1>
<h3><font color="black">We do a wide variety of construction and educational work</font></h3>
Design and build for residential, commercial, schools and public spaces.
Consultancy in different fields such as: urban development, earthen architecture, community engagement and capacity building.
Conduct Workshops, training programs and awareness campaigns.
<strong>Transform the construction industry in Egypt and make sustainable techniques widely adopted.</strong>
Address:105 Al-Yasser Street, Banafseg, New Cairo, Cairo, Egypt
Phone Number: